How do you get people to change?
People do what they're rewarded for.

Inspire people of every stripe: staff, clients, students, leaders, stakeholders, and volunteers—to achieve new levels of understanding and innovation with a contest.

Managers and Staff: Let regional groups compete to innovatively apply new knowledge to solve today's problems:

  1. Challenge staff and emerging leaders to acquire cutting edge knowledge
  2. Give college credit for corporate/industry training (optional certificate)
  3. Design pratice applications to drive down costs & create new solutions

Clients and Volunteers: Create quick puzzles to entice clients to learn more about what you do and how it adds value.

Stakeholders: Provide concise case studies with solution options that interatively showcase your accomplishments.

Leaders: Induce not just succession planning but succession practice with performance goals and rewards.

Students: Small rewards can inspire big changes in thinking and productivity motivating students to solve real-world problems.

Contests Inspire Great Results for:
Onboarding Roll Outs
(s/w, program, process)
Cohort Building
Problem Solving Applying New Knowledge Process Improvement
Succession Planning
& Practice
Job Resources
Workforce Development
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